Magistrate District One Vacancy

The Madison County Democratic Party Executive Committee is accepting applications from candidates who are interested in receiving its endorsement for the Magistrate District One vacancy. They will be interviewing interested candidates (via Zoom) on Saturday, November 6.

The MCDP Exec Cte does not appoint the new Magistrate – this role falls to Governor Beshear. However, to ensure the widest, fairest and most open participation of Democrats in public elections, and to build our local bench, the Executive Committee may recommend to the Governor any number of candidates whom it deems representative of Democratic values and worthy of Party support. The Endorsement of candidates in contested elections is an expression of confidence that a candidate is serious and will mount a viable campaign that adheres to the interests, ideals and principles of the Madison County Democratic Party.

Click here for more information about the Endorsement Process and Guidelines.

Interested candidates may submit written materials, including letters of recommendation, campaign strategy outlines, and platform statements, no less than 24 hours prior to an endorsement meeting. These materials shall be furnished to the Executive Committee members for their review as much in advance as time allows. Submit materials to the MCDP email address: