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Please help us take back the 34th District Kentucky Senate seat.


I had the pleasure to run against Mike 4 years ago in the Democrat primary and I think he has the right ideas and is on the right track. He will return our seat to a position that represents the people’s interests and propose logical helpful legislation that benefits our county instead of the current radical ideas we see coming from the seat now.

A family man …Mike and his wife both are small business owners who understand hard times and the difficulty it can be to meet payroll and compete on a daily basis.

Mike promises to assist Gov Beshear and continue the work that our great Governor has done in educational legislation and economic advances. He will work to bring new employers to our county and assure that we get our fair share when it comes to budget issues. Senator Worley left some big shoes to fill and it is apparent that they have not yet been filled.

Please help us send a HONEST WORKER to Frankfort that will represent US …the people of Madison County.

The one thing that a campaign is always in need of is cash. Please consider a donation…consider it an investment in our future. Send Mike Cope to Frankfort!!

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