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Madison County KY Democrat Women’s Club


February 10, 2014 – 

The ladies of the Madison County Democratic Woman’s Club met at Central Bank last night along with the ladies of the Madison County Women’s Network.   In spite of the bad weather there were about 30 people present.  Several candidates for Democratic primary were present: Joey Taylor who is running for Kentucky House seat #89; Bonnie Hummel running for Kentucky House seat #73; Richard Smart representing Rita Smart who is running for seat #81; Steve Tussey running for Madison County Jailer; Mike Cope running for Kentucky Senate Seat #34; John Tudor running for Madison County magistrate seat in the 3rd district; Bobby Harris running for magistrate in the 4th district; Mike Isaacs running for magistrate in the 4th district; Darryel Weaver running for magistrate in the 2nd district; Scott Johnson running for magistrate in the 2nd district; Pat Banks running for magistrate in the 3rddistrict; Brad Montgomery running for magistrate in the 4th district; and Andre Patterson running for jailer.  In attendance was member of our club and Circuit Court Clerk Darlene Snyder.

Stephanie Winkler speaking to MCDWC and MC Women’s Network, Feb. 10, 2014.

Our speaker for the night was Stephanie Winkler who is the current president of KEA.  She spoke explaining KEPAC, what it does and how to join.  Then she answered questions about things that her office requires her to look into on behalf of Kentucky’s students and teachers.  She mentioned that she is determined to keep the retirement programs for teachers and staffs strong.  She also answered questions about funding of schools saying that she was pleased with Gov. Beshear’s proposed budget which brings the level of funding for public schools up.  She answered questions about charter schools, giving her reasons for opposing these “for profit schools” which take money away from current public schools.  We are very grateful for her coming to talk to us and giving us this chance to ask as many questions as we liked.

Bill is coming!!!!!

Alison Emmons, president of the MC Women’s Network, announced that Madison County is in the process of getting a table together for the Alison Grimes fundraiser to be held in Louisville on Tuesday, February 25 at noon with the featured speaker being Former President Bill Clinton.  The dinner will take place at the Galt House in Louisville and seating opens at 11:00 a.m.  We hope to get a table of 10 together.  Each seat at the table is $100.00.  If you wish to go, email Estelle Bayer or call her (estellebayer@roadrunner.com or 859 200-2607) and mail a check totaling $100.00 for each person attending.  We have already had several people express interest, so please get your checks in the mail.  If there are more than 10 who wish to go, we will try to get another table, but we can’t promise that will happen.