Joey Taylor – KY House 89th District

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Since the last legislative session, Madison County has been divided into 5 House Districts.  This is not the ideal situation for us so it is VERY important to make sure we elect a representative, in our new 89th District, that has ties to our county.  It is important to have someone who will look out for the people of our county and our two cities.  Joey Taylor is our Democrat candidate and I feel he fits this requirement very well.

joey1Joey Taylor is a proud Laurel County native.  He lived in Madison County as a child.  Taylor’s father is a retired U.S. Army Veteran, and his mother owns an Italian Restaurant in Crittenden, KY.  Both Taylor’s grandfather’s were hardworking men; his grandfather, Henry Taylor, worked for Kentucky Utilities as a lineman and his mother’s father, Robert Logan, was a coal miner.  Being the grandson of a coal miner, Taylor knows the importance of coal here in Kentucky.  When elected, he will be an advocate for our coal miners and stand behind them 100%.  Taylor also understands that we need to begin a new bold focus to bring industry and technology to Eastern Kentucky.  Taylor promises to work with the Governor to continue seeking federal money to develop and expand broadband connectivity to this area.  Taylor realizes the critical importance  infrastructure plays in attracting new jobs and industry to our area.

Growing up, Taylor attended Hazel Green Elementary.  He graduated from North Laurel High School in 2009.  While in high school, Taylor was an avid athlete playing basketball and other sports.  After high school Taylor went straight into College, attending Somerset Community College earning an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, he then transferred to Eastern Kentucky University where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and an Associate of Arts in Police Studies.  While at EKU, Taylor was elected to serve on the Student Government Association as a Representative.  Currently, Taylor is working on his Masters degree in Education at Union College.

Taylor has always been a hard worker.  At the age of 16 he was hired at Kroger in London, KY where he was employed for four years as a produce clerk.  He worked his way through college at UPS of London.  Taylor is currently employed as a teacher with the Knox County Public Schools.

As an educator, Taylor knows the importance of education.  He states that, “In order for Kentucky to be competitive and recruit companies that pay a good wage, we have to have a population that is educated and trained properly.  We also have to make sure our Schools and Universities are being properly funded”.

Taylor is the owner of Taylor Kennel’s; he enjoys working his Walker Coon Hounds.  As a member of the Kentucky Houndsman Association, Taylor will fight for the right’s of all our sportsmen here in Kentucky.

As a member of the NRA and a proud gun owner, Taylor supports the Second Amendment 100%.

In regard to labor, Taylor wants to see good paying jobs locate to his district, jobs that pay a “livable wage, not a minimum wage”. Taylor also believes that some of our present employers should step it up and pay better wages.  Taylor learned, with his Criminal Justice background, that statistically the areas with low poverty have low crime rates, versus those that are economically depressed which have high crime rates. Taylor states, “If we can get some good jobs in our district, the crime rates would then decline”.

Taylor wants to be the people’s State Representative, he wants to be active with his constituents in “ALL THREE COUNTIES”, and wants them to know they have someone they can call on anytime about anything.

Taylor states, “I am a proud to be an Appalachian and will be proud to represent the 89th District in Frankfort.”

With the help of People Like You we will change Kentucky.  – Joey Taylor