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Congratulations to our new Madison County Democrats Executive Board.  2012-2015

The following have been elected to a four year term:

Lee Murphy, Stevie Barker, Pat Greathouse, Will Emmons, Don Calitri, Estelle Bayer, Billy Ackerman, Sandra Plant, Cory Erdman, Sandra Anez Powell, Jason Morgan, Laura Morgan, Mark Wickersham, Adrianna Francis, Norman Powell, Joyce Mosher, Ruth Murphy, Brooks Stumbo, Bethany Goad and Ray Arnold (Young Dem President)

The representation of doctors, lawyers, students, small business owners, senior citizens, professors, and women give us a true cross section of our party.


Madison County Elects Delegates to State Convention

Delegates elected to represent Madison County Democrats at the Kentucky State Convention and to vote for state party leaders in Louisville on June 2 include: Lee Murphy, Stevie Barker, Mark Wickersham, Sandra Anez Powell, Ray Arnold, Rita Smart, Dale Emmons, Buddy Montgomery and Bethany Goad.