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Much more than a group of enthusiasts. Makers!

Coinsxpress is a group specialized in Trade and Arbitration of Cryptomes, in addition to the supply of robots for the Crypto-market. We have a team of highly trained analysts who work to maximize the company's profits through these three lucrative modalities.

We see in the investment robots the future of automated operations.In arbitrage, through micro- operations we can achieve a high daily yield with great liquidity and through the trading we get high profits in weekly operations, exploring the best alternatives to make daily profits in a market that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We perform periodic analyzes several times a day, manual and automated, to define the daily and weekly operations that we will perform.


After the analyzes carried out by our team, we defined the daily and weekly schedule, as well as the best trading strategy for each currency.

A financial revolution is happening right now..

The market for encrypted financial transactions has been gaining more and more attention in the world as a cheaper, faster, more secure and decentralized alternative than the Fiats currencies.

Through high volume billionaire transacted daily, along with oscillation of values, experts are able to carry out buy and sell operations several times every hour, and profit in the valuation or devaluation of the currencies.

Who invested US $ 100.00 in Bitcoin 6 years ago,
today has around US $ 247,000.00

The magic steps


Welcome to the market for crypto-coins, the technology that is revolutionizing the world.


A state-of-the-art, very secure system for multiplying your crypto-coins.


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