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The Madison County Democratic Party is led by an Executive Committee, elected by local precinct officers, who are elected by Democratic Party members who attend its organizing convention. This process, and most processes of the local party, are governed by the By-Laws of the Kentucky Democratic Party.

For organizational and transparency purposes, we have also developed some local guidelines that are outlined on this page. 


Candidate Endorsement Guidelines


A. Principles of Endorsement.

  1. The Endorsement of candidates in contested elections is an expression of confidence that a candidate is serious and will mount a viable campaign that adheres to the interests, ideals and principles of the Madison County Democratic Party.
  2. To ensure the widest, fairest and most open participation of Democrats in public elections, the Executive Committee may endorse any number of candidates under this article whom it deems representative of Democratic values and worthy of Party support. The Executive Committee shall not endorse candidates in a primary election or for any statewide elected office. Only registered Democrats are eligible to be endorsed under this Article.
  3. The Executive Committee also may support, oppose or decline to take a position on local ballot measures.
  4. The Executive Committee also may endorse candidates for appointment when vacancies of office occur.

B. Endorsement Procedures.

  1. Only the Executive Committee, and not any Subcommittee or Party Officer, may endorse a candidate or take a position on a local ballot measure on behalf of the Madison County Democratic Party.
  2. To be considered, a candidate first must request endorsement by notifying the Chair. For local ballot measures, the Chair shall inform the Outreach Committee of any request for MCDP support of or opposition to proposed measures.
  3. The Executive Committee shall resolve any dispute over compliance with these bylaws or the rules and procedures adopted in connection with these bylaws.
  4. As with all MCDP business, a quorum of two-thirds of the Executive Committee members shall be required to make endorsement.

C. Time for Endorsements.

  1. For elections: the Executive Committee may consider requests to endorse a candidate only after the time to be included on a ballot has commenced and a reasonable time has elapsed for candidates to organize their campaigns and seek endorsement by the party. Notice of proposed action on endorsements of candidates and measures shall be given to the Executive Committee with the notice of meeting.
  2. For appointments by a Democratic Governor: the Chair may direct the Executive Committee to make endorsement of office-seeker(s) to fill a vacancy. Such endorsement shall be made and communicated to the Governor or his staff within thirty (30) days of the vacancy occurring. 

D. Standing Rules for Conduct of Endorsement.

  1. The Outreach Committee and Candidate Recruitment Committee respectively shall recommend to the Executive Committee adoption of rules of order necessary to a fair endorsement process for candidates or measures under this Article, including but not limited to balloting, speaking, and questioning. In the absence of such a recommendation, Party Officers shall issue written rules ad hoc to be shared with the Executive Committee no more than two days before a meeting for endorsement occurs.
  2. The Executive Committee shall consider adoption or amendment of rules not less than 45 days prior to the filing deadline for candidates for non-partisan office.
  3. Once adopted, rules for endorsement shall stand until repealed or amended by the Executive Committee.

E. Interview Process. 

  1. Candidates each shall have no more than ten (10) minutes to speak freely on why the committee should endorse them.
  2. Candidates shall answer questions for as long as committee members desire to ask them, following their ten minutes of speech.
  3. Candidates shall not be given time to rebut one another’s statements, interrupt one another, or engage in debate.
  4. Candidates may submit written materials, including letters of recommendation, campaign strategy outlines, and platform statements, no less than 24 hours prior to an endorsement meeting. These materials shall be furnished to the Executive Committee members for their review as much in advance as time allows. Submit materials to the MCDP email address:
  5. Committee members shall debate and vote in closed session.
  6. Any committee member may ask additional questions of any candidate prior to closed session until a motion passes to end debate